Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Shiny Nights

Here's to the late nights.

Chris Moody, the man responsible for the absolute bomb that was his remix of Justice's classic "We Are Your Friends", teams up with DJ Riz to turn this Boney M hit into a bone-afide (see what I did there?) floor filling house jam.

Newcomers onto the scene, the '96 Bulls have really impressed us with their fun and funk laden remixes and have definitely become a name we look out for. Recently, they've released two stellar mixes for mega aussie dance duo PNAU and Gold Fields, both fo' free. Take a listen below.
Busy P & DJ Mehdi released the Let The Children Techno compilation back on the 14th, featuring the likes of Mr. Oizo, Siriusmo, Brodinski, and Djedjotronic. Amongst all the madness you can imagine those guys brought to the release, this beautifully done synth disco romp from Breakbot was especially appreciated. Great great stuff from the Frenchman.
I believe we posted a rip of this a release a while back, but you'll be glad to know I have a 320 version for you all today. Louis La Roche + unreleased Duck Sauce. It doesn't get much better.

There hasn't been a Tensnake release that I've heard I haven't thought was perfect. Hercules & Love affair's "My House" garnered a lot of love from the B&S crew, but this remix from Tensnake just takes it to another level entirely. This is how house music should sound.

Pleasurekraft have really started to grow on me the more I've listened to their stuff. Masters of the tech-house sound, these DC locals (reppin') have an insane arsenal to get people groovin' to heavy beats. I just heard this remix today and immediately purchased it. It's beyond good, and if it doesn't make you dance your ass off, you must have a serious physically or mentally debilitating medical condition for which you probably need urgent care. An undulating, whip-like flare noise lifts you off your feet, carrying you until the melody drops and the foreign, tribal vocals begin to pulse above a softly beating drum, building and building into a massive drop that'll smash you right back into the floor again. It's a doozy.

And finally, I happened upon this video on Gregori Klosman's youtube channel the other day. It's a preview for an upcoming track entitled "Peacock". It sounds maybe the slightest bit huge.


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  1. the more i listen to this pleasurekraft remix the more im straight addicted... sooo sick. definitely becoming a staple in my dj sets