Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hold Tight

It's been a bit too long since my last post, but hopefully the tunage I'm bringing you tonight will make up for that. I encourage you to crank your speakers, lock the doors, and hide the children, as these songs will assuredly transform you into a dance-happy maniac.

Patrick posted the GLOVES remix of "Sunlight" earlier, and although I don't think this mix from stopmakingme quite reaches its level of awesomeness, it's still damn good. I'm a sucker for those vocal stabs.
Thadius Hunter, who comprises one half of Australian dj duo Down N Dirty Djs, will have you busting loose with this Chicago house inspired edit of Heatwave's classic "Boogie Nights".
The blogoshpere (ourselves included) is all over Kartell right now, and for good reason. The frenchman has an apparent knack for all things funk and disco. Pantera may be one of my favorite house/nu-disco jams to date. Here's a nice little remix he did for Teenage Bad Girl that I spotted on Upside Sounds. Check it out.

Still more funky house goodness, I got my hands on this one from Galactik Knights earlier this week. These guys were a big part of the sounds that got me seriously into the french house scene. This particular remix should show you exactly why, with an upbeat, high energy, and downright danceable beat that anyone could get behind.

Augustus posted Part 1 for everybody to download, so I'll go ahead and post this 192 version of "Time to Change (Part 2)" for you all as well. Just like I said in my last post about it, it's a dance-floor destroyer with a heavy hitting drop brought in by a wonderfully disco-y buildup. Pick up the 320 from Highbloo here.

And to close things out and get this Saturday night started, how about some mad electro craziness from Ninetynine Hertz and Mr. Oizo? Have a thoroughly Bright & Shiny weekend errbody.


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