Saturday, October 1, 2011

Slowed Down Saturday

It's a sunny day here in southern california and I've been relaxing pretty hard, so we're gonna keep today's post on the slower side of things...

I've been bumping this one out of the speakers on my balcony all afternoon while I just stare off into the ocean. The way the synths wash over this track is really relaxing and almost tropical. Beatport Release.
Danny Howells - Everything's Here (Deetron Remix)

Danny Daze can do no wrong as far as I can tell. Like most of his tracks, this one is centered around a super thick synth line that only gets better as the track goes along. As the germans would say, das ist fat.. (I don't know if that's actually how they would say it, but this track really is fat..). Support the man and grab the release over on beatport. The Eats Everything remix is also definitely worth a listen too.
Maxxi Soundsystem - Get Up (Danny Daze SpinIn Out Remix)

I grabbed this one from our good friends over at DSCOtech. The name is super fitting, this track is funky as helllllll. But still understated enough to fit into a deeper playlist.
Leisure Groove & Kevin Andrews - Funky Beat (Original Mix)

Finally, this Mecury remix of the classic Round Table Knights track 'Say What?!' is absolute gold. The arrangements and floating synth pads are really gorgeous. Have a listen for yourself below and check the release on beatport.
Round Table Knights - Say What?! (Mercury Remix)



  1. It's like Danny Daze is the second coming of Jesus of Nazareth

  2. i think you might be onto something here...