Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fly Like A

I have to be honest, I'm very excited to bring today's post to you guys. All of these songs from top to bottom are thoroughly awesome, and even better they come from all across the electronic spectrum. From more big room stuff to bassier deep house jams, we got 'em all. Come and enjoy.

Slap In The Bass is a name everyone should expect to start hearing more about from now on. After I first heard their remix on Crooker's Dr. Gonzo project, I knew these kids were something special. But it wasn't until I recently found this absolute stomper by them named Egypt that I was really blown away. The drop on it is just genius. Bass music at it's best. It's so simple, but so ridiculously large. This one absolutely kills when rattling out of a proper sound system. Grab it below and learn more about Slap In The Bass on their facebook page. Also make sure to check out the full release, including a mental collaboration with Botnek, here on Beatport.
Download: Slap In The Bass - Egypt (Original Mix)

Every song that I stumble across with vocals by the swedish girls Rebecca & Fiona ends up being absolutely incredible it seems like. Adrian Lux and Nause give this older track by them, Bullets, an amazing progressive house makeover. The big room stabs matched with the girls' vocals seriously make this one of the most catchy and re-playable house songs I've come across in a while. Straight up brilliant. For more Rebecca & Fiona done Adrian Lux style be sure to check out his other amazing remix of their single Luminary Ones. (Buy Bullets here on Beatport)
Download: Rebecca & Fiona - Bullets (Nause & Adrian Lux Club Remix)

We brought you guys the preview of Noob's newest EP a couple of weeks ago, and I'm pretty sure the only commentary we could muster about it was "WOW, NOOB." and I still stand by that. Noob's new EP 'Spell' is absolutely stunning, and comes seemingly completely out of the blue. We knew the frenchman was a talented producer from his various mental off the wall techno cuts, but this is his first adventure into more melodic classic house (at least that I'm aware of). And he absolutely smashes it. The production on this is so clean and gorgeous, it almost reminds me of something that Bright & Shiny hall of famer Lone might cook up. The B side to the EP, 'Protein' is equally as quality, though more on the crazy electro side of things. Check out both of them below, and go buy the EP off of Beatport (Seriously, if there are ever EPs worth your money, this is one of them).
Download: Noob - Spell (Original Mix)

Stream Only: Noob - Protein (Original Mix)

Up next we have a release from newcomer Justin Jay off of Claude VonStroke's legendary dirtybird imprint. This track is a slice of swinging deeper house, with a super catchy bass-heavy feel to it. As always, play it loud to truly appreciate it. (Buy here on beatport)
Download: Justin Jay - How Goes The Dynamite? (Original Mix)

A1 Bassline's newest self entitled Ep, also released recently on dirtybird, is just wonderful. Actually somewhat reminiscent of Noob's Spell, this one features a gorgeous classic house feel and warm analog synths layered over creative and inviting percussion. The songs on this EP have made it into sets by heavy hitters like J.Phlip recently, and after one listen I'm sure you'll be able to tell why. Top notch stuff. Full release here on Beatport.
Download: A1 Bassline - Bouyancy (Original Mix)

Finally to round things out I have another massive festival anthem, this time from Swedish main man John Dahlback. The vocals on this by Sneaky Sound System, are, I'll admit, almost a little too girly for me. Key word: Almost, because Dahlback makes everything else around them so absolutely amazing that it doesn't really matter how the vocals are. This track is so melodic and awesome that I guarantee if you give it one listen you'll find yourself putting it on repeat for a while... I know I have
Download: Sneaky Sound System - Big (John Dahlback Remix)

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