Friday, May 13, 2011

Ready For The Weekend (Get Retarded)

I come bearing gifts of the best kind: wonderful music hand selected for the shenanigans of the weekend. Happy Friday.

Calvin Harris has had a massive 2011 so far. After taking a bit of a break since the release of his last album, he stormed back in 2011 with the dropping of Awooga and primetime performances during WMC, and now he's got another total bomb of a track: Bounce. The song, a collaboration with Kelis, has all the trademark Calvin Harris elements we've come to know and love him for - catchy melody, lots of fun, completely sick. It isn't released yet, but we've gotten our hands on a preview (192kbps, but NOT a radio rip) copy that should hold you over till the official release. Grab it while it's hot.
Calvin Harris ft. Kelis - Bounce (Original Mix)

Next up we have a remix we got in the mail from 19 year old Florida producer DallasK. The track, a remix of Nero, goes from big room progressive house into a bass-heavy, dutch fusion of a drop that can only be described by the word 'madness.' Seriously, the first time I played this track and the drop came blaring out of the speakers at me I probably looked like I had lost my mind to anyone watching I was dancing so retardedly.
Nero - Guilt (DallasK Remix)

Hardwell has been really taking over recently, with a string of massive releases following up his Zero 76 collaboration with Tiesto. Today I have two of Hardwell's newest and most epic tracks to date, and they're literally both so amazing I'm not really sure which to start with. Martin Solveig's most recent EP Ready To Go (vocals by Kele of Bloc Party), was definitely solid but for some reason I never reeally felt it that much. Hardwell managed to figure out what the track was missing and transforms it here into a piece of progressive house so flawless it's mind blowing. Encoded, the other Hardwell track I have for you is an original that's equally as bomb but has more of a dutch/techy edge to it.
Martin Solveig ft. Kele - Ready 2 Go (Hardwell Remix)

Hardwell - Encoded (Original Mix)

What can be said about Skrillex that hasn't already been said. The dude is a lunatic or a genius depending on how you look at it. His music has a power and style to it that's unlike anything else out there right now. This track hits HARD. Don't say I didn't warn you.
Skrillex - Do Da Oliphant (Original Mix)

The synths on this one are utterly amazing. Soooo nice.
Human Life - Wherever We Are (Original Mix)

Jaymo & Andy George, two of BBC Radio 1's dope house djs, have put together a track here with a beat so twisted and strangely dance-inducing it sounds like it could've been made by some italians named Crookers. It's sick to see that these guys are as good of producers as they are DJs. I'm sure we'll be seeing some more massive releases from these two soon.
Andy George & Jaymo - Midnight (Original Mix)

And finally I'll leave you guys with a track by one of our favorite producers out of England right now, Julio Bashmore. Throw this on at the end of the night when you're trying to unwind. Straight gorgeous.
Julio Bashmore - Craboon (Original Mix)

Stay Classy,

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