Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Grab Bag

Today's post is a serious grab bag of epic proportions. I've got complete fire from all parts of the electronic music spectrum, from disco to trance and everything in between. In the words of Lil Wayne, we goin' in..

Fred Falke completely slays this remix, as usual from the genius Frenchman. When Mattie Safers' vocals come in around 1:15 they drop as the perfect counterpoint to Uffie's singing, this song is literally so funky and amazing it's stupid. Grab it now for endless amounts of dancing.
Uffie feat. Mattie Safer - Illusion of Love (Fred Falke Remix) [Download]

Gregori Klosman has been one of our favorite young producers out of the Netherlands for a while now. His dutch flavored style of tech house is as unique as it is powerful, and his newest track Low Battery might be his greatest accomplishment yet. The track veers all over the place in completely insane fashion, swerving from pounding tech beats to a progressive house buildup and back into dutch style lunacy all in a 6 minutes so packed with energy it's absurd. Grab this track now if you know what's good for you.
Gregori Klosman - Low Battery (Original Mix) [Download]

A mega bomb edit of Wolfgang Gartner's newest single.
Wolfgang Gartner feat. Will I Am - Forever (Paul David Mix) [Download]

Steve Angello shows off the versatility of his production skills here, proving he's just as adept at making groovier classic house as he is at putting together thumping club bangers. Grab this one off beatport from the great Ibiza Opening 2011 Compilation.
Ikon - Do You Dream (Steve Angello Remix) [Download]

Avicii strikes gold again; the drop on this one will have you fist pumping like there's no tommorow. Not so crazy about the vocals, but honestly everything else about this song is so amazing it doesn't matter.
Shermanology & Tom Hangs - Blessed (Avicii Edit) [Download]

More bass heavy fire from Skrillex. Only complaint is I wish he used a bit more of the amazing 'Disco Rangers' vocal sample...
Skrillex - Disco Rangers 2011 (Original Mix) [Download]

Shit Robot is a group I've been curious about for a while now. For the longest time I wasn't familiar with any of their music, but they're signed to DFA, James Murphy's super-label (home to acts like LCD Soundsystem and Holy Ghost!), so I figured they must have some serious talent, especially since they've managed to get away with a name as terrible as Shit Robot for this long. It turns out, they're really awesome. The track I have for you today by them features awesome vocals from Nancy Whang (LCD Soundsystem, The Juan Maclean) and a synth line from heaven that combine to make what can only be described as pure disco gold.
Shit Robot - Take Em Up [Download]

I originally found this song from this video I was watching of a Harvard Bass dj set. In case you're too lazy to watch it, when the track drops the crowd goes absolutely mental. Actually, they were going mental before this track dropped but that's only because Harvard Bass is a total G. Anyway, the bass on this is so dirty its goddamn retarded.
RipTide - Fk Me (Original Mix) [Download]

I know we tend to stay away from the Trance, but these next two are completely incredible despite their somewhat trancey styles. The first track, Hi Scandinavia by Matisse and Sadko feels like it was made specifically to be blasted as loud as humanly possible. I suggest you do it. Second up, Superman by Mat Zo is more on the trance side but it's equally as amazing and worth grabbing.
Matisse & Sadko - Hi Scandinavia! (Original Mix) [Download]

Mat Zo - Superman (Original Mix) [Download]

Finally, to close things out I bring you R3hab's remix of Lady Gaga's newest single Judah. I hate Lady Gaga, so the fact that I'm posting this at all should be an indicator of how completely off the rocker this track is.. R3hab goes to an unprecedentedly huge level here, throwing in some spacious progressive house sections to balance out a completely insane dutch house drop. (Shouts out to Brento for showing me this)
Lady Gaga - Judas (R3hab Remix) [Download]

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