Friday, May 6, 2011

Don't Go

It's Friday. We so excited.

So I was droppin by Wolfgang Gartner's facebook page the other day and happened upon this massive, technically unreleased bootleg. Apparently, he left a CD at a show a while back. I guess someone happened upon it, popped it into their computer, pressed play, and immediately decided it needed to be spread to all reaches of the globe via the internet. Good choice.

"Together", the result of a collaboration between two absolute legends of the house/french house scene DJ Falcon and Thomas Bangalter, is the quintessential feel good house track. It's quite timeless, and if you don't have it somewhere in your music library, you best educate yo'self. Le Castle Vania and Computer Club recently gave it a little sprucing up, adding in some electric synth-work and a little extra punch. Though I prefer the original, there's no doubt that this one's quality. Here's to the summer.

TWR72, aka The Walk & Rogerseventytwo dropped this bad boy earlier, presumably in anticipation of the release of the their next EP. Classsic 90's piano rave stabs and vocals throughout, with an acid bassline that kicks in about halfway.

Aussie house up and comers Light Year did a post for GDD the other day that I was more than happy to check out. Among some other choice tunes, they put up this one from Oliver $. This is a serious old school vibin' groove-tune; it's simple, but entirely captivating and is guaranteed to get your head bobbing. My only problem with it is that the vocal sample kinda take away from the rest of the song at parts...but that's why there's a dub version.

Boys Noize Records first label compilation, BNR Records Vol. 1 dropped on beatport earlier this May; I strongly recommend checking it out. It's chock-full of great tunes, including a couple from PUZIQUe, the musical marriage of Boys Noize himself and D.I.M. "Don't Go" happens to be one of those tracks, a song that I'd forgotten, but after some revisiting, continue to love as much as ever. Jam.

Also, be on the lookout for some mixes I'll be throwin' up here in the near future. Have a Bright & Shiny weekend everybody.


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