Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mixtape Sunday: Episode 008

Eats Everything has been a definite favorite of ours around here. He's a fantastic performer and his bouncy bass-driven style of house is infectious. However, this mix he did last week for Resident Advisor is delivered with a mild mannered energy; something his signature sound would not lead you to expect. Don't let that feed you any doubt though because this is an excellent mix and in his own words "It is my favourite mix I have ever done and it showcases a different side to me from the bangers that I suppose I am known for playing." You can check out the few questions he answered about the mix here, and check out the tracklist on the soundcloud page. Also, get excited for the write up of our interview with him coming out this week!

- Jimmy

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  1. I AM excited! Thanks, brilliant, as always:)