Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Ok I'm really busy.  So I'm gonna give you some great tracks, but I'm not gonna give you the self-indulgent poop descriptions of each song.  Seriously though, listen to these.

Julio Bashmore did the production on this ABSOLUTE gem of a track.  Jessie Ware's voice is silky smooth.  Ever since hearing her on SBTRKT's album, I've been in love.  So far this track is out on the UK itunes... but not in the US.  I'm mad, are you?

NEW BREAKBOT.  Everyone be extremely grateful for this joyous occasion.  It's a strange funk/rock/80's pop fusion and I'm definitely here for this.  It's kind of difficult to tell what is a sample and what is original material... but either way:  FREE DOWNLOAD.

[Download Here]

Disclosure is literally on fire these days.  I'm thinking NBA Streets kind of on fire.  I just don't even know where all of this talent came from.  The vocals on this track are beautiful, the synth work is beautiful, the percussion is as always, great.  This one drops June 4th.


Amazing new 90's NYC Hip Hop mix by Para One.  WHO KNEW?

[Download Here]

Love, Patrick

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