Friday, March 23, 2012

Morning Update

 Augustus and I present these 8am-inspired dance tunes to you from our hotel balcony.  Miami is awful fun this time of year!

Federico Franchi - Cream (Original Mix 2007)

The Hacker - Shockwave (Gesaffelstein Remix) 

THROWBACK ALERT... over a decade old (2001), the beautiful synths here really feel timeless, and in retrospect probably were way ahead of their time. Check out the Agoria RA podcast for the full mix we grabbed it from.
download: Metro Area - Atmosphrique

Only 9am and it's already 80s degrees here in Miami. Yeah, I think it's gonna be one of those poolside kind of days...
download: Jeremy Glenn - New Life (Perseus summer of '93 Remix)

In honor of the Prince Club/Jesse Rose/ Cats n Dogz party that got shut down by the po' last night for being too cray, we have a really smooth remix here by the Frenchie Coni. Loving the use of wood blocks... or whatever them percussion hits are.
download: Prince Club - Utopia (Coni Remix)



  1. I look back on the morning where no one can sleep because of all the white lines they've been doing. I'm obviously referring to group studying right before finals with chalk & blackboard.

  2. WTF? Wheres my daily free music and shit? Miami ended last weekend. Did you guys end up on a private jet to Europe or get arrested? J/K hope it was fun you lucky frackers.

  3. I think we're all still recovering... No we didn't go to Europe. Arrested? Close, but not quite. We'll be back on the grind momentarily so don't fret.

  4. I think what Jimmy meant to say was yes, I won't get in to specifics but more or less a combination of the two happened to us