Tuesday, March 6, 2012

After Hours Club For Profligates

This first track is a really gorgeous collaboration between German singer/songwriter Coni and the Swedish beatmaker Hakan Ludvigson. Somewhere between late night progressive house and straight up deepness, this one is sublime and amazing in all the right ways. And far too short at just under 5 minutes.
download: Hakan Ludvigson, Coni - Goodbye feat. Coni (Original Mix)

Off the wall, Caribbean tribalist freaky gonzo style dutchness. I can't think up enough superlatives to describe this one. FAT.
download: Bassjackers & Apster - Klambu (Original Mix)

5AM bass in your face with Nina Kraviz. Been on this one for a while but I guess she's just releasing the music video now in the run up to her debut album release. Grab the mix and be sure to watch the freaky/hypnotic video below.
download: Nina Kraviz - Ghetto Kraviz (Original Mix)


1 comment:

  1. hey babes, am happy that u like my music ;) but there is a bit of confusiion here as there is a DJ named Coni, who claimed my beatport page and has many of MY TRACKS (!!!) kinda running under his name there now .. ( Goodbye, Gott ist tot, Restart, Roumble for Loa, Better Days, Satellite, Kajal and a few more to be released soon..
    Luz by the pool is by him. Iam a singer, writer based in cologne/ germany and i collaborate with different producers like Hakan Ludvigson ( Goodbye) Sarp Yilmaz, Worakls, Esemdi and many more.... http://soundcloud.com/coni this is me & https://www.facebook.com/pages/Coni/124172177968 this as well .... just letting u know ;) .. hugs from cologne Coni