Sunday, September 11, 2011


Disco disco disco. It lives on, I tell you. Check these next two jams if you don't believe me. The first comes from our good friends Volta Bureau. "Hope" is the D.C. based trio's debut single, and if it's any indication of the group's future, good good things are to come from these guys. Give the song a listen and support it in full here, then check the accompanying video below for additional coolness.
Volta Bureau - Hope (Stream Only)

The second is a killer dance floor filler from Bit Funk. Upbeat synth stabs and a fat fat bassline center around a wonderfully ironic vocal sample...and the whole thing's free. You have no excuse, download this.
Bit Funk - Rap Music

Goddamn, Shazam. That's really the only thing I could think when I heard the Perth based producer's latest remix attempt, this time tackling Pase Rock's "Nights". A bit slower than his usual stuff, maybe, but certainly just as stellar. Run into the moonlight and groove to this one.
Pase Rock - Nights (Shazam Remix)

Browsing Beatport DJ charts almost always provides me with excellent tunes I probably would never have stumbled upon anywhere else. Take this Poolside remix for example. The dudes responsible for the perfect daytime/nightime/anytime jam "Do You Believe" serve up this little number, decked out in nostalgic 90's chords and intricate percussion. Check beatport here for the remix and it's accompanying dub.
James Curd pres. Ziggy Franklin - Alien (Poolside Remix) (Stream Only)

My beatport journeys also coughed up this one from Alfabet, the collaboration between Tom Trago and Awanto 3. I literally cannot stop playing this song. I know this gets said often in the music blogging world, but if you don't at least nod your head to this, I think you have a problem. Oldschool house stabs build into a drop of some of the fattest percussion I've yet heard, seeming to suck you in with each kick.    Definitely worth the $1.50 charge here.
Alfabet - Waus Mucic (Stream Only)

Since you may not be satisfied with only two of those songs above being downloadable, I'll leave you all with my opening set for the Justin Faust show in Saint Louis. Plenty of good tracks in here, and it's all available for download, so no complaining.
 Justin Faust Show Opening Set by Bright & Shiny


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